Investment Strategies

Ranger Global Income & Growth Strategy

Ranger International Management is a research driven investment manager specializing in global income and growth, international and global equity strategies. The Ranger Global Income and Growth strategy seeks income by investing globally in an array of yield-oriented securities, primarily equities, which provide meaningful current income combined with the potential for capital appreciation. To achieve the strategy’s objectives, the Ranger team employs a bottom-up research approach to investing globally in multiple asset classes such as, yield-oriented equities, master limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts, which the firm believes will provide returns balanced between income and capital appreciation.

Ranger International Equity Strategy

The Ranger team implements a disciplined bottom-up research process which seeks to identify stable, quality international companies (excluding U.S. based companies) when they can be purchased at attractive valuations. The International equity strategy invests in developed and developing markets in constructing a portfolio of approximately 30-50 names. Ideas are generated through fundamental company research with country, industry and market capitalization allocations a residual of the research effort. The Ranger International strategy seeks to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index ex-US over a full market cycle.




Investment Adviser: Ranger International Management, L.P.

Portfolio Manager: William R. Andersen, CFA

Adviser Inception Date: April, 1, 2003

Investment Type: Equities – Global Income, International

Investment Approach: Bottom-up, Fundamental Research

Investment Options

Managed Accounts

Min Investment: $10 million

Global Income & Growth Advisory Fee: 1.00%
International Advisory Fee: 1.00%

Private Comingled Partnership

Min Investment: $1 million
Global Income & Growth Advisory Fee: 1.00%
International Advisory Fee: 1.00%

Ranger Quest for Income & Growth Mutual Fund

Institutional Class
Ticker Symbol: RFIDX
CUSIP: 75281Y 800

More information with respect to Ranger mutual funds may be obtained by accessing WWW.RANGERFUNDS.COM

Investment Guidelines

Position Sizes:

Global Income & Growth
Holdings: 40-50
Max position size: 5%

International Equity
Holdings: 30-50
Max position size: 5%

Country Allocation:

Global Income & Growth

  • 1.5x country index benchmark, OR
  • Maximum country weight (x-US): 20%


  • 1.5 x country index benchmark, OR
  • Typically limited to 20% of the portfolio


Global Income & Growth: MSCI All-Country World Index
International Equity: MSCI All-Country World Index ex-US


Global Income & Growth:Residual of security selection process, generally > $750 million
International Equity: Residual of security selection process

Sector & Industry Limits:

Maximum sector weights: 30%
Maximum industry weight: 25%